Tenga also has this neat sequel to the popular Flip Hole series with the Tenga Flip Lite. Taking the intense pleasure achieved with the Flip Hole, they’ve now create an even lighter and compact version that gives you tighter control and better vacuum suction. That little button on the side? It’s an “air release” valve. You can imagine why that’s needed ;-)

Tenga Flip Lite Flip Lite 2G Flip air



  • Versions: Melty White or Solid Black
  • "Flip-open" design for ease of lubrication and cleaning
  • Weight: 330g
  • Tight control
  • Vacuum suction "air release" switch
  • Mini Lotion included
  • Made in Japan

Tenga Flip Lite fliplite

And if you are worried about size, then just get the even bigger and better Flip Air U.S. version!

tenga fliplite flip lite 2g flip air

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