Tenga Flip Silver

Tenga Flip Hole Silver

Like the first two pioneering Flip Holes, all you need do is flip the Tenga Flip Hole Silver open and lube up the interior.

Then slide in for the suction stimulation of a lifetime! Like sensual crystals, the edges inside are "sharp". They won't cut you but they are designed to provoke tingles and tight squeezes on your member. Take your time pushing in and out, exploring the different zones inside the Silver: The "Cross Head" that tickles your head; the "Winding Rib" section that will make you twist as you enter; "Wing Edge" gives you a tight squeeze from the side, while "Shaky Wave" and "Star Solid" provide up-and-down variations on stark, stimulating curves. A geometrically crafted masterpiece of stimulating contours: The Flip Hole Silver proves there can be something more precious than gold after all.

Flip Hole Red

Tenga Flip Hole Red

The Flip Red retains the now iconic flip-open casing for both ease of lube application and then cleaning afterwards. Its unique internal design has been crafted to coil itself around you from all directions with a "grind rib" and "scrum brush" once you have slid yourself in. You will feel its dense pack of "tight brush" nubs stroking your member, providing dozens of miniature stimulations and softly sensual explosions. Finally, your head will get hot, "spicy" attention as it glides over the fanning "mash ribs". There can be only way to finish this story and it is guaranteed to be a magnificent firework.

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